Top Clans 2020 return 25 September with US$85,000 prize pool and four new esports titles

Posted by Bryan Terng on September 17, 2020

Top Clans 2020 is back and bigger than ever for its second edition, with a strong determination to top its debut season last year. Initially, the largest tournament for Rules of Survival, NetEase Games has since expanded Top Clans to include other esports titles across different platforms, a testament to their resolve in making Top Clans 2020 the next big esports series to watch out for in Southeast Asia.

On top of their self-developed/-published battle royale, NetEase Games is adding four new game titles to Top Clans 2020, including Dota 2, Marvel Super War, Tekken 7 and Tom and Jerry: Chase, with the latter making its first ever Southeast Asian esports appearance. The US$85,000 total prize pool will be split between the five games, with US$20,000 allotted to each game except for Tekken 7, which will instead feature a US$5,000 prize pool.

Top Clans 2019 enjoyed a reach of more than 24 million, with the official broadcast viewed over 9 million times by the world's viewers.

Here's a summary of the schedule for Top Clans 2020:

Opening Day

25 September

Group Stage/Knockout Stage

26 September to 18 October; 24 - 26 October


20 - 23 October; 27 - 29 October

Grand finals

30 October to 1 November; 6 - 8 November.

Players who managed to withstand the month-long group stage/knockout stage will be given passage to the Playoffs, where Dota 2 and Marvel Super War will adopt a double-elimination bracket to decide the winning team. Unlike its peers, the Tekken 7 segment will be short yet punchy, taking place over a single weekend from 16 - 18 October. Top Clans 2020 will conclude with not one but two big bangs, with the Marvel Super War grand finals taking place on 6 November and the Rules of Survival epic finale from 7 - 8 November.

Catch Top Clans 2020 - both live and telecasts - on eGG Network (Astro CH800) from 25 September onwards, and be sure to check out our TV guide for the weekly broadcast schedule of the tournament. Keep abreast of the latest Top Clans 2020 news by following them on Facebook.


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