Top Clans 2020: Vietnam’s Never Be Alone emerge as Rules of Survival champions

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 13, 2020

The Top Clans 2020 Rules of Survival Grand Finals was overflowing with top-notch Filipino teams, unsurprisingly, since last year’s champions, Le Savage, hailed from the Philippines too. However, the finale instead saw Vietnam’s Never Be Alone (NBA) clutching the championship title at the absolute final match of the Finals. A surprise to be sure, but one that’s welcome.

Even though the outcome was unexpected, with many predicting that Maniac Esports would take the crown, it wasn’t a total surprise for the Vietnamese to score the top spot. After all, they performed consistently well throughout the weekend, placing in the top 3 on Day 1 of the Grand Finals, possessing the same score as ISD and Barcode at 82 points. Though their direct competitors fell short the next day, NBA maintained their composure, despite fan-favourites Maniac and Bren Esports catching up with supersonic speed. In the end, NBA proved to be the better team and came out on top

Grand Finals Day 2.
Grand Finals Day 1.

NBA’s outstanding tenacity was hinted at during the beginning of the Rules of Survival series when they placed second in Group B during Group Stage of Top Clans 2020, just two points behind the top-placed Team Secret. They stumbled during the Semi-Finals, but the Vietnamese players managed to squeeze into the Finals by placing ninth. 

Group Stage results for Group B.

The Top Clans 2020 SEA Invitational concluded last weekend with the Grand Finals for both MARVEL Super War and Rules of Survival. For more updates on Top Clans, be sure to follow them on Facebook.

Top Clans 2020 was broadcast on eGG Network (Astro CH800).


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