Touman Esports are the Top Clans 2021 Winter Naraka: Bladepoint Champions

Posted by George Wong on November 29, 2021

Over the weekend, the Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage Naraka: Bladepoint tournament came to a close after five days of bloodshed. Emerging as the champions of the whole tournament were Touman Esports, who clinched the top spot at 194.1 points. The final two days of the tournament started off pretty close, with Quince (QE) winning 3/5 matches on day 1, giving them the second spot. However, on Day 2, Touman Esports stepped it up and claimed 3/5 victories of their own, and since they were already in the lead, it propelled them much further than the competition.

Completing the podium were Bamboo Shoots VN & 496 Gaming who came in second and third, respectively. The 3 teams will be moving on to the Naraka: Bladepoint World Championship, representing Southeast Asia. Good luck to them, they're going to need it!

Congratulations to all the other teams who made it to the final day as well, it wasn't easy getting out of groups and even though they didn't do so well on the weekend, they put up a good fight against the winners.

The Top Clans 2021 Winter Stage continues this week with the Rules of Survival tournament on Wednesday. Make sure you don't miss the action on eGG Network or Top Clans Facebook!

Watch the final day of the tournament:


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