UniMAP Esports Club's Road To Professional: What We Learned

Posted by George Wong on May 10, 2021

During the hustle and bustle of MPL tournaments over the weekend, the Universiti Malaysia Perlis (UniMAP) Esports Club held an informative talk about esports and the future of the industry in Malaysia. Some big names from the local esports scene were present to answer the questions, including MasterRamen, Flava, and Muhammad Arif Shahir Mohd Asri from Moonton.

The long and in-depth discussion brought up a lot of relevant points. MasterRamen shared about the differences between being an esports athlete and a casual gamer - one plays games to make a living, while the latter does it for fun without competing in tournaments. He also highlighted the stigma that casual gamers still face - being seen as toxic, verbally abusive, and undisciplined folks by the public. MasterRamen gave some advice to aspiring streamers - don't copy how other people stream. Do something out of the box, something that hasn't been done before that will draw attention to you. The other path you can take to fame is to enter a tournament and win it.

Muhammad "Flava" Farouq, professional esports emcee spoke about doing your research before diving headfirst into competitive esports. Knowledge is key when it comes to the industry, and dress code is also important if you're a professional athlete. When it comes to getting a job as a player or a coach - know that people will judge you based on how skilled you are in a game - and not your academic qualifications.

Muhammad Arif Shahir Mohd Asri, the marketing manager of Moonton mentioned that your studies should come first regardless of your skill in the game. It's always better to have something to fall back on, and your "real life rank" is more important than the one in-game. Remember to take care of yourself! For those keen on checking out the full talk, you can watch it below (it's in Bahasa Melayu).


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