Valorant: Act 2 brings new ranked system and soft reset

Posted by Bryan Terng on July 28, 2020

Valorant Act 1 may be ending soon, but with Act 2, there's plenty of changes coming to Ranked mode that players can look forward to. Introducing Act Rank, an all-new way for Riot Games to determine and show off your progress and accomplishments in Ranked mode, which will take effect from Act 2 onwards.

This is how Act Rank will look like.

Act Rank takes a few aspects into account to dictate your ranking, which includes "proven skill" (we'll get to that in a bit), your highest ranked victory, and amount of ranked victories in each Act. Each triangle in the above Act Rank represents ranked matches won throughout the Act, based on what your rank was when you won those games. More wins at higher ranked matches will eventually push our your lower tiered victories, encouraging you to play better so you can show off how many Immortal matches you've been crushing - that means you and your friends can soon judge each other's match history and rank progress.

Act Rank Badge is akin to your "greatest hits" in ranked mode.

Plus, no matter how you fare in each act's ranked mode, you'll be rewarded with an Act Rank Badge that shows off your "proven skill", which actually comprises your top nine ranked match wins, represented in nine triangles too. Riot Games decided on this system, as it accurately demonstrates your consistency at winning in that rank. As Act Rank will only take effect in Act 2, there will be no Act Rank Badges for Act 1.

Act Rank Badges will be displayed at the top of your player card.

Lastly, at the end of each Act for ranked mode, you will be put into abridged placements in the beginning of the next Act, which means that the first three matches you play - as well as your matchmaking rating (MMR) in the last Act - will act as placements games to determine your latest rank. Although you'll generally be placed at a slightly lower tier than your last, as long as you do well in your early games, you can quickly climb the ladder and reclaim your last rank.

No further details have been released yet for Act 2, even though it's widely speculated to be released in early August.

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