Valorant celebrates one-year anniversary with Spike cake, scan-to-win swag, and more

Posted by Bryan Terng on June 2, 2021

Can you believe that it's been exactly one year ago since Riot Games' brand new tactical shooter, Valorant, was released? A historical milestone such as this warrants a celebration, with Riot Games SEA dishing out a series of jovial activities and special content in the coming months for the Valorant SEA community to savour.

What's a birthday without cake and presents? Which is why the SEA Birthday Rush Livestream will be featuring an extra unique pandan-flavoured Spike (yes, that Spike) cake, as well as exclusive swag and in-game rewards to be scanned and won by anyone watching the livestream. Plus, a super limited mousepad designed by Filipino visual artist/avid Valorant fan Bricx (pictured in the above thumbnail) will be up for grabs too, so be sure to catch Valorant SEA Birthday Rush Livestream tonight (2 June) at 8PM (GMT +8) on Valorant Facebook.

That's not all there is. Content creators across the Philippines, Indonesia and Thailand will be posting videos about their favourite Agent on each country's respective Facebook pages, and a Twitch Rivals Community Tournament - in partnership with Twitch and Taiwan Mobile - will be held with a US$15,000 prize pool on the line. On top of the special prizes and in-game items that can be won by fans and players, several Taiwanese creators will be joining in the fun also. More info will unveiled on the Valorant Taiwan Facebook page and Twitch Rivals page.

And last but not least, the esports side is definitely not neglected, with the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 currently underway. Riot Games SEA promises to continue rolling out various esports and collegiate Valorant tournaments for everyone to participate in, by collaborating with tournament organisers across the region.

Download Valorant for free today, and be sure to follow eGG Network for more Valorant goodness.


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