Valorant: Closed beta skin, Reaver, returns new and improved

Posted by Bryan Terng on November 5, 2020

If you were one of the lucky few to be part of Valorant's Closed Beta phase, you'd most likely be well-acquainted with the tactical shooter's first ever skin bundle, Reaver. Lucky for you and the rest of us, it's back for good, and it looks fantastic.


The Reaver skin bundle was released yesterday, featuring all you can expect from some of the most premium Valorant weapon skin money can buy. Based on the theme of "dark fantasy", the Reaver skin is encased in mystical black imbued with glowing purple elements that bring to mind ominous ancient relics. From the telekinetic reload animation to the eerie finishers where your enemies get pulled to the depths of the underworld (which they might or might not deserve but does it matter if it's this cool?), it's truly a skin to behold.

Sheriff and Reaver finisher.

The Reaver skin is available for these weapons:

  • Sheriff - 1,775 Valorant Points (VP)
  • Vandal - 1,775 VP
  • Operator - 1,775 VP
  • Guardian - 1,775 VP
  • Melee - 3,550 VP
  • Bundle - 7,100 VP

The Reaver bundle includes all the above, plus the Reaver Player Card, Spray and Gun Buddy.

Me: Reloading my VP wallet.

Be sure to check out the Valorant in-game store to get your VPs and score this very special weapon skin.

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