Valorant Playoffs Begin Tonight - Secret vs Acend; Liquid vs C9

Posted by George Wong on December 8, 2021

After an exciting week of matches, the group stages for Valorant Champions has come to a conclusion. With the dust settled, we now have the top 8 teams still in the running for the ultimate trophy. Congratulations to Acend, Team Secret, Team Liquid, Cloud9 Blue, Gambit Esports, X10 CRIT, Fnatic and KRÜ Esports for making it out of the preliminaries. They must now face each other in the single-elimination, best-of-three Playoff stage for a chance at the grand prize. Here's a look at the brackets:

Despite not playing in any international tournaments this year, Team Secret has shown that they have the ability to take on anybody in the world. Sure, their group stage series against Gambit, winners of Champions Berlin, didn't go too well but since that defeat, the team managed to bounce back and claim a spot in the playoffs. They'll be going up against Acend, who have been on top of the EU region for most of the year.

Cloud9 Blue vs Team Liquid is going to be an interesting matchup, with both of the teams entering Champions through the last chance qualifiers. Cloud9 Blue are North America's last hope, and Team Liquid are no slouches despite failing to make it to Berlin. It's going to be interesting to see who makes it out of this brawl.

X10 CRIT from Thailand are one of the two remaining SEA teams in the tournament. While the team dominated the scene during the earlier part of 2021, they haven't been looking too hot recently. Their opponents, Gambit Esports, look extremely scary so it'll probably be the most difficult team they have to face at the tournament. But this is the big stage, and in a single-elimination game, anything can happen so don't count them out just yet.

Finally, we have KRÜ Esports vs Fnatic. The last time the two teams met (Stage 2 Masters Reykjavík), Fnatic 2:0'd them. Can the last hope of South America exact revenge on the European squad or will history repeat itself?

Valorant Champions 2021 playoffs will kick off on December 9, 1 AM (GMT+8), with Acend vs Team Secret and Team Liquid vs Cloud9 Blue. Catch the action live on eGG Network TVTwitch, or YouTube. More info.


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