Valorant: What to Expect in the Coming Months

Posted by George Wong on June 30, 2020

Riot Games released a new dev diaries video for its recently launched team-based shooter, Valorant and shared some interesting plans for the game. Here’s what they had to share:


In addition to early surrendering, the ability to remake and time-outs, Valorant will also continue to receive UX (user experience) improvements, bug fixes and more.

Acts and Episodes

Valorant episodes are meant to last about six months, with each episode consisting of three acts, lasting about two months each. We can expect a big content drop at the beginning of Act Two, which should be in slightly over a month’s time if there are no delays.

Agents will release at the beginning of an Act, which means we’ll see about six new agents a year – but this may change depending on the community response. Riot Games will also use these acts and episodes to flesh out more of the game’s story – great for people who wonder why it takes place on some floating island in the sky, while for those who don’t care, it’s not going to affect their experience.

Battlepasses will be released with each act and new skins will be released every week or two throughout. Major features and new maps will be released at the start of an episode.

Game Modes

Riot mentioned that they are hard at work on new game modes for Valorant. In addition to the standard bomb mode and Spike Rush, we’ll be seeing a new game mode before the launch of Episode Two. No specific details were released, but it’s likely to be another quick and more casual mode, unlike the standard game.

Player Behavior

While cheating has been mostly dealt with (it’s still an ongoing battle), Riot Games mentioned that they are committed to handling players that are disruptive and toxic to the whole game experience. New features to address this will be rolled out in the coming months, but in the meantime, they encourage users to utilize their reporting tools to help them collect data to improve their systems. In the future, users will be alerted when their reports have been successful.

Watch the full dev diary below:


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