Valorant's new Escalation game mode is centred around fun, chaos and gunplay familiarisation

Posted by San Joe Kim on February 17, 2021

Always wanted some quick games to de-stress from ranked matches? Valorant’s upcoming Escalation mode may be just what you need. The new “gun game” inspired addition is a casual, fast-paced mode that is designed for fun social play. Players cycle through the various guns and abilities that the game offers, in a 5v5 team deathmatch-esque environment as opposed to a free for all setting. On average, each match lasts approximately 8 minutes. 

In an Escalation match, both teams are required to go through a randomly generated set of 12 weapons/abilities across a total of 12 Escalation levels. Players are given powerful weapons/abilities at the start of the match, but as they rack up more kills, they’ll cycle through less lethal and more challenging ones to use. A team must collectively obtain 7 points per level in order to progress to the next one. A kill on the current level earns 1 point, while a kill on a previous level earns 0.5 points. Individually, players will still have to obtain their own kills to earn their next weapon for each level advancement. However, when the final level kicks in, everyone on the team obtains the final weapon/ability at the same time, regardless of how behind they were. In the event no team has won after 10 minutes, the team in the lead wins and the match ends. The team-based elements incorporated in this mode is arguably what makes it stand out from “gun game” modes seen in other titles. 

“The challenge has been crafting a team based version of the mode: every version we’ve seen has been basically a free for all where one player wins and the goal is to place as close to first as possible,” said Kyle Leach, Valorant’s Engineer/Designer on Modes. He added that “We wanted to take the fun and excitement of progressing through weapons and make it feel truly team based.”

Escalation appears to be a limited time only mode for now, so don’t miss out and be sure to jump in to check it when the next update drops in-game!


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