We Registered Solo dominate Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Battle of Heroes (MLBB)

We Registered Solo dominate Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Battle of Heroes (MLBB)

After the success story of We Registered Solo and Team Singapore two weeks ago, the two squads have managed to write another amazing tale! Besting all the teams from other regions along the way, both teams made it to the regional finals of the Facebook Gaming Creator Games: Battle of Heroes (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) for another epic showdown.

Unfortunately for Team Singapore, history repeated itself and We Register Solo came out on top with yet another 3-0 victory. Congratulations to Tomentaroos, Zaraki Gaming, Lexia ML, Flare, and Avaa Gaming for winning the whole tournament!

Well played to Team Singapore for coming second again, it wasn’t a tough feat. Even though the squads were formed just for this tournament, we believe they could have a good future if they continue competing together! Hopefully they’ll stick around for more tournaments, and who knows – maybe the next iteration of the Facebook Creator Games!

Remember to stay tuned to Facebook and eGG Network for more details. Check out our GG Program if you’re keen on taking your stream to the next level!

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