What the frag: A PUBG Mobile frag grenade guide

Posted by Bryan Terng on December 19, 2020

This article is part of a series of PUBG Mobile mini-guides from your eGGcellent friends at eGG Network, to help level up your mobile battle royale prowess with bite-sized tips that are quick yet nutritious to digest.

Throwables in PUBG Mobile - maybe except stun grenade - are one of the most essential tools to getting that Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, which is why so many professional PUBG Mobile players utilise them to the max, even in PMGC 2020 (PUBG Mobile Global Championship Season Zero). We've already covered how you can put your smoky friends to good use, so now it's time to shine the spotlight on the big daddy of all utilities: the frag grenade.

Become more than friends

Cook/fuse time: Seven seconds
Weightage: 18 spaces

The time you start cooking a frag (pressing the Throw button) will also enable its fuse (duration before it explodes), so it's extremely crucial when you release the frag before it goes off. Frag grenades are also the heaviest utility of all, but this is balanced by its high damage that almost always knocks down/eliminates enemies it comes in contact with.

Timing is everything

Ever heard of the terrifying clinging of an enemy frag that lands next to you? That sound cue goes both ways, and with seven seconds to spare before the frag goes off, throwing it too early will alert your "buddies" and allow them to escape.

(Insert clock ticking)

So, depending on the distance and angle of where your frag will fly towards, the estimated best time to release your frag is two to three seconds before it goes kaboom so that your opponents will have little to no time to run away and have to face the music. However, if you happen to hold it for too long and miss your timing, you can just cancel it and try again, lest you risk damaging yourself and your teammates, or giving away your location.

(Credit: Zendex)

Get a headstart

Credit: The Bushka.

It's tempting to rush an enemy when you know they're in that building, but hold up, why not use your frag grenades to give yourself a few advantages? The most obvious one is to lower their health or knock them out, but even if you don't damage them, near enough explosions can deafen your enemies, so they can't hear your footsteps when you run to invade them.

Keep a low profile

As we covered in the smoke grenade guide, aside from being able to control better, the low toss is also perfect for moments when you want to stay hidden when in the prone position. It's because, with the low toss, your arm movement will be more discreet and minimal when compared to high tosses - it's not like you're tossing pizza dough anyway. So, if you want to surprise your competitors and blow them up out of nowhere, keep it low (toss).

Look freely

It's tiny here, but it does show exactly where the frag will land.

Speaking of staying hidden, it can be a bit trickier to aim with your frag when you're lying on the ground, and we have a solution for that: use your Free Look joystick (the small eye button). It allows you to look lower and see where your frag would land exactly, and it keeps your character motionless while planning where to aim too. This also works if you're throwing your frag on a higher plane, and it applies for all throwables, including smoke and Molotov cocktails.

Still more accurate than without Free Look.

Flushed away

Enemy escaping from cover after hearing the frag. (Credit: The Bushka)

Who isn't scared of frag grenades? Any sane gamer would run away the moment they hear the clanging sounds of a frag landing, even if they're in the safety of cover. Thus, this fear can be taken advantage of (Batman much?) - just flush them out of hiding by throwing a frag at them, then you can gun them down to your heart's desire. Suitable for both alive and knocked down players.

Note: if you want to remove someone who's on higher ground, be sure to use the low toss to minimise the grenade's bounce and frag more accurately.


Save them for last

And finally, similar to how some of us leave our best food for the end, it's an option to save your grenades for the final few circles. As the area of safety grows smaller, there's less space for everyone to rotate and stay safe in, making it the perfect time to use the AoE (area of effect) damage of frag grenades and eliminate them. After all, where else could they go to escape? Outside of the ring? We advise keeping one to two frag grenades for this situation if it arises.

What other stupendous frag grenade tips do you have? Spread your knowledge in the comments below!

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