Wild Rift: Horizon Cup 2021 - Featuring The Best Teams In The World

Posted by George Wong on September 21, 2021

Remember the global Wild Rift tournament that was teased at the press conference earlier this month? Well, it looks like Riot Games are ready to lift the lid off this secret. In a press release today, the company officially announced the Wild Rift: Horizon Cup - the inaugural international Wild Rift tournament, featuring all the best teams from across the world! This will also mark the first offline tournament of its kind for the game, talk about big plans!

Like a number of offline events held this year, the Horizon Cup will be held in Singapore (a country with stringent policies regarding health and safety), at the Suntech Singapore Convention and Exhibition Centre. Here's what we know about the tournament so far.

It will take place from November 13 until November 21, 10 teams will be competing at the event (to be decided via regional qualifiers, though there was no mention if the winners of the SEA Championship will be invited). More info including regional qualifier dates, prize pool, broadcast schedule, and format will be revealed closer to the event.

“The Wild Rift Horizon Cup is the first of many steps we will take to show how committed we are to our mobile fans around the world. We are excited to share more of what we’ve been preparing for the future of the sport later this year” said Leo Faria, Global Head of Wild Rift Esports.

What an awesome time to be a Wild Rift fan right now, especially if you're from Singapore (though it is yet to be confirmed if there will be a live audience). Regardless, seeing all the best teams from across the world is always going to be a treat. Stay tuned to eGG Network and we'll bring you more details when they surface!


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