Win cash prizes with PUBG Mobile in MyGameOn Lunchtime Cup

Win cash prizes with PUBG Mobile in MyGameOn Lunchtime Cup

May 20, 2020 Bryan "soupykambing" Terng  

Tomorrow (21 May) marks the continuation of the MyGameOn (MGO) Lunchtime Cup, a weekly PUBG Mobile community tournament that’s held for gamers who are encouraged to stay home during the COVID-19 crisis.

Open to all, the online series pits solo players against each other in weekly matches, which is good news for those without teammates in PUBG Mobile. As for the mouth-watering cash prize, the MGO Lunchtime Cup adopted the concept of “the more people watch, the bigger the winnings”, with the victory money bag going as high as RM500 every week. Viewers also stand a chance to win cash prizes, with two winners chosen at random weekly.

And to add a dramatic flair to the tournament, a slew of renowned PUBG Mobile esports influencers have served as guest hosts of the series, including ChuChu, Vokey and Iron Pro of Resurgence MY, DaddyHood and J Hunter. Obot Gaming will be this week’s host.

If you’re interested to join, you can check out the competition at MyGameOn’s Facebook page tomorrow and the following Thursdays, 12PM. The MGO Lunchtime Cup began in April, and is expected to conclude late June.

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