Yoodo announces MLBB data add-on, MPL-MY/SG S6 and Geek Fam sponsorship

Posted by George Wong on August 25, 2020

Great news for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) fans who are subscribed to Yoodo's cellular network - the telco today announced the launch of its MLBB data add-on. Available starting tomorrow, this optional add-on for Yoodo users will give them 20GB to use on MLBB gaming sessions for the extremely low introductory price of RM1/month (after that, it will be priced at RM5/month for 20GB of MLBB data). This add-on joins the lineup of Yoodo's current gaming offerings such as PUBG Mobile , COD Mobile and Arena of Valor. Folks worried about using up all their data to play MLBB won't have to do so anymore - they will have all the data they need to slay creeps and heroes to their heart’s content.

Yoodo has been extremely active in the Malaysian esports scene since 2018, sponsoring teams and tournaments of all sizes, especially for PUBG Mobile and MLBB. So it came as no surprise when they also announced that they would be the official telco for season six of the upcoming MLBB Professional League MY/SG (MPL-MY/SG S6). Season five was a huge success for them (it garnered over 9.5 million views), and it looks like they want to repeat it.

Sheng Wong, Sheng Wong, Head of Business Development, Geek Fam

Lastly, Yoodo announced its sponsorship of Geek Fam's MLBB team. Sheng Wong, Head of Business Development, Geek Fam shared on how Yoodo's plans for the esports scene lined up with the organization's own mission and made them a great fit. There was no mention of what upcoming plans they had in store for us, but more details should be released in the future.

Geek Fam MLBB Squad

During a brief Q&A session at the end of the conference, Geek Fam's captain, Dominus, mentioned that out of all the teams they've been scrimming against, MPL-MY/SG S5's winner, Resurgence are the ones to watch out for this season.

He also stated they've been training hard for season 6, thanks to their new coach, ADTR, who has been improving the team's discipline and focus by waking them up early to exercise before practising.

Geek Fam looks all set for the new season of MPL and we can't wait to catch them in action. MLBB-MY/SG S6 starts in just a few more days - remember to stay tuned to eGG Network for MLBB news and updates!


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