Yoodo announces RSG partnership; MLBB, CODM rosters and new PUBG Mobile lineup!

Posted by George Wong on February 4, 2021

This afternoon, Yoodo held a press conference to unveil a host of new announcements. After kicking off a brief introduction, Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo, shared the following:

Partnership with Moonton renewed

Yoodo will be continuing their partnership with Moonton as the official telco of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In addition to MPL MY S7 and S8, it will extend to MSC, MPL Invitational and M3 - all the major MLBB events of 2021. No big surprise here, seeing how successful those events have been in the region!

No confirmation on where M3 will be hosted yet - but Michael Lin, Esports Business Development and Marketing Manager for MPL MY, mentioned that even though they were happy with the response of M1 in Malaysia, they have to take into concern the health/safety of all participants for M3, so they haven't settled on a venue for the tournament yet.

New partnership with RSG Malaysia

Yoodo announced that they will be sponsoring two of RSG Malaysia's new teams in MLBB and COD: Mobile. Here are the lineups of the teams:

MLBB: Rush (Tank/IGL), Leixia (Jungler), Logan (Support), Kaizer (Offlane), Zaraki (Offlane), Lolealz (Jungler), Syno (Offlane).

CODM: Ranger (IGL/Support), Derp (Sniper), Raven (Main AR/Anchor), EDZ (Rusher/Obj), Alpharie (Rusher/Slayer).

As we all know, the announced RSG squad will be part of MPL-MY S7. It's been a while since we've seen some of the players on the MLBB squad performing in big tournaments and some of them are fresh new faces. Perhaps being signed to RSG will give them another shot at glory. We're looking forward to seeing how they perform this MPL season.

As for the CODM team, there are some familiar faces in there, don't forget to check out our piece with Ranger we wrote last year.

When asked about what Yoodo looks for when sponsoring a team, Tuck Mun replied - it's never an easy black and white process. As a telco, they aim to grow their subscriber base, so teams they sign must perform well, and be able to help Yoodo out with their goals, and be able to engage with their customers innovatively.

Yoodo Gank's new PUBG Mobile roster

The biggest news of the day - Yoodo announced their official roster for PUBG Mobile 2021. Since the departure of Fredo, Jumper and iNaoki, the organization has confirmed their PUBG Roster for 2021. It will be: Bravo (Rusher), Putra (Support), Wrydep (Rusher), Draxx (Fragger), and Manparang (Scout).

Most of the names will be familiar faces but for those who don't know, Wrydep - he is a player who is apparently too young to compete in most tournaments - but Yoodo believe in keeping him for the squad long term because they see the potential in him. Definitely a player to look out for in the coming years.

Sounds like an exciting 2021 for Yoodo ahead, look out for them in upcoming MLBB, PUBG Mobile and CODM tournaments!


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