Yoodo Gank is locked and loaded for the PUBG Mobile Professional League Spring Split

Posted by Benedict benedict@egg.network on March 3, 2020

ManParang and Fredo share their thoughts on the current squad and hopes for PMPL.

The much-anticipated PUBG Mobile Professional League Malaysia and Singapore (PMPL MY/SG) begins today, 3 March. The 24 teams of the league are made up of 16 qualifier teams (12 Malaysian, four Singaporean) and eight invited teams. These are divided into three groups as the Spring Split league, which runs for three weeks, kicks off.

One of the teams entering the background to much fanfare is Yoodo Gank, a star-studded squad. Its line-up includes captain ManParang, Fredo, Draxx and Jumper. This the biggest tournament the current iteration of the team is joining, however, ManParang brings with him a wealth of tournament experience.

Finishing a respectable 11th, ManParang revealed that the PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) Fall Split Global Finals was a valuable experience. "I learn something new at every event, whether it is about new game strategies or general life lessons. The Fall Split Global Finals showed me that as a professional athlete, we need to constantly push ourselves to improve."

"When we are against the best of the best in the world, there is no room for error. Every little action counts. My main in-game lesson is to not repeat our past mistakes." ManParang shared, highlighting the need to study what went wrong in a game and bringing that insight into the next.

Kevin, the Yoodo Gank manager, gave a glimpse into how the team was selected, saying that an early conversation was trying to build a winning formula consisting of super stars. "The formation of the current line-up was suggested by ManParang. Draxx was already a member of the team. Jumper was always on our radar, and when he came on board as the unofficial coach for the team, the next step became more realistic."

The Yoodo Gank squad playing at PMPL MY/SG 2020.

"The final link was getting Fredo to come in and act as the person that held the team together. For us, getting Fredo to fit into the squad was not difficult as he has a huge experience playing at international tournaments."

Fredo, the previous Mobile Legends: Bang Bang professional player is confident that this team has what it takes to reach the peak of the PUBG Mobile competitive scene. "I feel comfortable and happy to be able to play alongside ManParang, Draxx and Jumper. The synergy of our line-up is just right. We are able to compensate for each other's weakness, and complement each other with our strengths. This kind of fit isn't easy to come by."

ManParang shares that confidence, "This line-up for Yoodo Gank is what I've envisioned. I am highly confident we can perform decently in the coming tournaments."

Both players agree that 2020 will be a tough year for competitive PUBG Mobile. Fredo admitted that the talent pool is getting bigger and many teams are improving. "Hard work has been the theme of their past few weeks. We are constantly practising to continue polishing our skills to ensure we are at the top of our game when PMPL begins," he added.

Fredo, back in MPL Season 1 with Team Saiyan.

The esports journeyman has been through a lot in a span of two years. Transitioning from playing MLBB professionally, to streaming PUBG Mobile, then playing professionally - and even trying his hand at casting (at PMCO Fall Split Global Finals 2019). Remarking on his tortuous voyage in the nascent (and slightly chaotic) Malaysian esports scene, Fredo humbly acknowledges that he's been lucky to be presented with such an opportunity to "pursue my dreams and make it a career."

"The past years have been great, and I would like to thank all my friends, family and fans for making this a dream come true for me."

For Malaysians, Vision 2020 was a dream for the nation to become a developed country. The current Yoodo Gank line-up of ManParang, Fredo, Draxx and Jumper also have their own vision 2020 - nothing short of becoming the best PUBG Mobile team in Malaysia, and then set their sights on international acclaim.

Catch Yoodo Gank in action during PMPL, which begins on 3 Mar and runs for three weeks.


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