Yoodo Gank: Raising the bar with PMWL 2020

Posted by Bryan Terng on June 20, 2020

The Malaysian PUBG Mobile crowd roared with pride when Yoodo Gank were unveiled as the undisputed champions of the PUBG Mobile Professional League Southeast Asia (PMPL SEA) Finals Spring Split 2020, granting them passage to the PUBG Mobile World League (PMWL) Spring Split 2020 Season Zero. Their performance in the PMPL SEA Finals was nothing short of breathtaking, scoring five Winner Winner Chicken Dinners and a whopping total of 126 kills while everyone held their breaths. 

“We didn’t expect to win, because we’ve never gotten this far before,” expressed Aiman Amirul “Manparang” Mohd Sahid, captain and support player of Yoodo Gank. “It’s a new journey for us now, and we look forward to replicating our success in PMWL.” 

L-R: Draxx, Manparang, Jumper and Fredo.

Here are the bright-eyed players of Yoodo Gank:

Aiman Amirul “Manparang” Mohd Sahid
Abdul Azim Ikromi "Draxx" bin Abdul Rashid
Muhammad Izzrudin "Jumper" bin Hashim
Ahmad Fuad "Fredo" bin Razali

As the parent-like figure of Yoodo Gank, manager Kevin Wong has nothing but glowing praise for his professional players. “I dare we say that everyone went beyond their limits to win, and it’s definitely one of the best performances in our entire career.” Even the head of digital telco company Yoodo, Chow Tuck Mun sang like a lark, “We are proud to grow with a team as promising as Yoodo Gank.” He himself always made the effort to watch every single match his team were in and support them in spirit.

Even though the movement control order (MCO) prohibited them from seeing each other, the four men instead celebrated their triumph with families, which was equally welcomed. “The MCO was a blessing to the players because it allowed them to spend more time with their families, something that’s hard to do before this.” Besides, if they’re still able to train and scrim together online without a hitch while keeping close to their families, why not, right? “After all, we are sponsored by Malaysia’s fully digital telco, so we have no problem doing everything online.”


Bar not being able to meet each other physically, training for the World League East continues unhindered. “We’ve learned to be more serious from competing in the PMPL SEA Finals,” Manparang mused, saying that they played cheekily in most of their previous tournaments. “We knew we needed this win to enter PMWL.” Yoodo Gank has proven to their peers that they’re apex predators, able to predict the strategies that others will pull off and outsmart them. So, what’s next? “We are working on improving our chemistry as a team, so we’re now emphasising more on sound communication.”

There’s a strong emphasis on teamwork in the mobile battle royale, which is why Kevin believes “there’s no singularity in the team, it’s a team effort. Every pillar and facet of the team is important.” Having won a major competition such as the PMPL SEA Finals, the manager felt that they’ve reached their peak in terms of play skills and strategy. Thus, they’d have to look to other easily-overlooked aspects of the gameplay that would improve their performance better, starting with communication. “We’ll do the best we can working on that for now.”

Chow Tuck Mun, Head of Yoodo

It’s not surprising that Manparang hopes with clenched fists that Yoodo Gank wins PMWL, with Kevin echoing his sentiments. “We want to break the stigma that Malaysians are pushovers, prove that the country has a good talent pool and of course, bring pride to our country.” Having witnessed the success of his sponsored team, Tuck Mun has little doubt that Yoodo Gank will dominate the World League. “We hope that our team will raise the gameplay standard in the country, and inspire future teams to be better than us.”

Digital telco Yoodo is definitely a proud parent of the Malaysian squad, and is grateful for having the chance to grow along with the professional PUBG Mobile esports crew. “They are talented players, and we are just happy to be a part of it,” said Tuck Mun, adding that Malaysia has tremendous potential in its esports circle, both the market and its community. It so happens that Yoodo’s modern, tech-savvy customers appreciate esports, which is why the telco is a continuous presence in the digital sports scene, even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. “We want to give them more of what they like, and also be one of the few Malaysian companies to nurture the sport.” 

Yoodo is currently the sponsor of the MPL Invitational, PMNC 2020, Yoodo Campus Esports Championship (KEK), Yoodo FV Major and Yoodo Stay at Home Cup.

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