Yoodo Gank: Returning to form in PMPL MY/SG Season 3

Posted by Bryan Terng on April 3, 2021

One of Malaysia's most (deservedly) popular PUBG Mobile professional team may have caused fans to be apprehensive in the first Weekday matches of PMPL MY/SG Season 3, in which they placed 10th. However, after placing third in Super Weekend 1 with some fantastic plays, Yoodo Gank have proven again why they're the best in the business.

Here are the golden boys that round up Yoodo Gank:

Aiman Amirul “Manparang” Mohd Sahid - Captain
Abdul Azim Ikromi “Draxx” bin Abdul Rashid - Sniper
Lokman Hakim "Bravo" Abdul Saddar - Rusher
Fairul “Putra” Iskandar Putra - Support
Azim Haris "Wrydep" Mohd Puhatdi - Rusher

Agusalim “Hahagus” bin Amran - Coach

Yoodo Gank's throng of devotees may not have expected their favourite team to have a bumpy start, but as a matter of fact, the players themselves already predicted this to happen, as revealed in our interview with them two weeks prior the start of PMPL. "We may have a rough start and be a little slow at first, but in the end, we'll slowly climb to the top 5 (at least)," said sniper Draxx.

Everyone showing off their babies during the interview.

After missing out on the prestigious PMGC 2020, as a result of placing ninth in PMPL SEA Finals Season 2, the team's renewed confidence warrants admiration. It goes without saying that they were disappointed with the outcome, but like the soldiers they are, Yoodo Gank gritted their teeth and focused on training more frequently to build their chemistry with new members Bravo of Dingoz MZ, Putra of Team SMG, and new kid on the block, Wrydep. ("We couldn't get Paraboy", joked ManParang.)

“Obviously I’m excited because I get to play with ManParang and Draxx,” Putra exclaimed, a sentiment echoed by both Bravo and Wrydep (who wouldn't feel the same competing with their idols?). ManParang divulged that he and Draxx took in the duo due to the fact that they were Terminators in last season's PMPL MY/SG, a weekly title awarded to the player with the most kills. Not to mention they happened to be without a team - Putra and Bravo left their respective teams. The whole process of shortlisting and contacting them only took one night.

Jemput makan guys! Missing BravoGaming ngan Dev nih... #theoneandactually

Posted by Yoodo Gank on Tuesday, 2 March 2021

"I was busy playing games when Draxx disturbed me relentlessly!" Putra complained good-naturedly. "He called me even after I told him I was busy, so I was like, 'Okay la, I join la." From Draxx's perspective, he jokingly pestered Putra at first without showing his true intentions. "Then, when I asked if he wanted to join Yoodo Gank, we immediately went on Discord to talk."

As for Wrydep, who is being trained as the future generation of Yoodo Gank, ManParang discovered the boy wonder when he was helping out TRX Elementus in PMNC 2020. He saw the rookie performing well when paired with fellow teammate, Kim (RSG), like a good combo. “He’s a capable player,” he said. “He just needs to polish his skills a little and grind more, then he can go far.” Wrydep won't be competing in PMPL MY/SG just yet, because he's one year shy of meeting the minimum age requirement of 16.

For now, we can only wonder how the Malaysian team would perform once they reach their full potential. The trio have been learning to be better players from the veterans and coach Hahagus, with Putra even hanging his mantle as an offensive player to opt for a more supportive role. He admitted, "I'm still not doing my job properly as a support, I can't help but be at the front to get kills." Old habits die hard, but Putra is adamant to take up his new responsibility, especially when he can learn from the best like ManParang, who's also a support player.

Bravo's duty as a rusher remains the same, though his improvement comes in the form of him improving his in-game positioning, as well as being less kill-hungry. "These 'old fellows' (ManParang, Drax and Hahagus) always scold me when I get too aggressive," he said, with the rest bashing him humorously. It's a mindset that Putra also had to adapt to, elaborating that Team SMG likes to adopt "a more YOLO ('you only live once' or offensive and risky) playstyle". Yoodo Gank, in contrast, plays more systematically, so they have to learn their system to play as a uniformed team.

See you in the battlefield!

The squad's decision to switch up their roster came after Jumper, Fredo and iNaoki decided to leave. "We don't know why they left, but I'm sure they have a good reason," ManParang shared, adding that only the team manager knows. The news was met with mixed feelings, saddening the captain a little due to the chemistry they've built since 2019. "In the end, it's okay, we just have to move on."

Draxx received the news without feeling out of sorts, because he knew that they "can rebuild the team again", which proves to be the case with the new additions. "We just might play better than before, once we reach our 100%."

With a fantastic sponsor like Malaysia's first digital telco company Yoodo backing them, there's no doubt that the five-man squad can reach their full potential. "Thanks to Yoodo as our sponsor since 2019, we managed to achieve many great feats, like being the PMPL SEA Finals Season 1 champions and competing in PMWL 2020 East," ManParang expressed.

And of course, Chow Tuck Mun, the head of Yoodo, shares the same enthusiasm, believing that the two have developed a successful relationship. "Both the players and the team behind them are incredibly hardworking and talented. They have helped build Yoodo's name within the esports community, but more importantly, they have helped build Malaysia’s name in the global esports arena."

Chow Tuck Mun

Staying committed to building Yoodo Gank to be the very best PUBG Mobile esports team, Yoodo undoubtedly have plans to continue that effort. "There are some exciting initiatives involving Yoodo Gank in the works, but unfortunately, I’m not able to reveal anything just yet. You can rest assured that whatever comes next will be exciting for both Yoodo Gank and gaming fans."

Yoodo recently announced their continued partnership with Moonton as the official telco of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In addition to MPL MY Season 7 and 8, it will extend to MSC, MPL Invitational and M3 – all the major MLBB events this year. Yoodo also unveiled that they're sponsoring RSG Malaysia’s new teams in MLBB and COD: Mobile, Yoodo RSG.

More esports initiatives by Yoodo are underway, but alas, Tuck Mun has to remain mum on the matter ... for now. "We’ll be expanding our product offerings to continue catering to the growing esports community in Malaysia, so stay tuned to Yoodo’s Facebook, Instagram and our esports-focused page, Yoodo Esports, to stay updated."

You can stay up to date on Yoodo Gank's updates on Facebook and Instagram.

PMPL MY/SG Season 3 began 24 March, running every Wednesdays to Sundays at 5.30PM (GMT +8) daily, broadcast LIVE on the official PUBG Mobile Facebook page and YouTube.

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